About Me

About Me

Hi guys and girls!

I am a 26 year old software engineer from Kolkata, India who is in love with books, movies and music.. Everything fiction! As long as it is not food, I like fiction way better than reality! 😉

When I am not busy earning my livelihood as a techie I can be found reading, looking up the latest things in the world for me to consume and those that existed before my existence, eating, click pictures, forcing you to join me in my journey until you break and give in, journaling, blogging, spreading love or sleeping! Yes! I love me some good sleep.. 😉

I love anything that has to with words or taste.. Coz food is love! 😀 And as impossible as it sounds.. want to make the world a better place.. one small step at a time! 🙂

I just needed loads of people to rave and rant.. 😀 and in my attempt to spread love for all things amazing, I started this blog to drag you alongside in my journey.


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