“My Purple Scented Novel” Book Review | Blew my mind!

Author:  Ian McEwan

Genre: Fiction

Number of Pages: 34 pages

In the author’s words from the book:

‘You will have heard of my friend the once celebrated novelist Jocelyn Tarbet, but I suspect his memory is beginning to fade…You’d never heard of me, the once obscure novelist Parker Sparrow, until my name was publicly connected with his. To a knowing few, our names remain rigidly attached, like the two ends of a seesaw. His rise coincided with, though did not cause, my decline… I don’t deny there was wrongdoing. I stole a life, and I don’t intend to give it back. You may treat these few pages as a confession.’

I am one of those people who enjoy a long well-written novel more than an short story but this one has entirely changed my perspective! I am at an absolute loss of words and just want to say that GO and READ IT NOW!

My mind is absolutely blown away by the gem that is this novella. It is beyond me how such a simple story with complex characters, their back stories can be crafted over a few pages. The novella is exactly what it promises to be.. a confession.. a confession that will make you think whether to despise the character or marvel at his genius of the execution!

Atonement had always been on my TBR but it is now going to climb up the list of books I absolutely have to get to! Ian McEwan has certainly gained a fan here. If this is what he can do in a few pages, I can only imagine what a treat Atonement is going to be!

If you have made it to the end of the article and wish could have a copy of the book now, I have a surprise for you!

Here is the New York Times post where the novella was originally published. Oh and yes, it contains the audio recording of the entire thing by the author himself! More surprise.. yay!! 😀

Go check it out now!!!!

Rating: A million stars!

Do let me know how you like it and if you do, share this with more people so that they can enjoy it too!


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