From the new city…

From the new city…

It has almost been a year since I wrote anything at all.. so I might just as well be writing this for myself. But I am still gonna try! 😀

So… To some of you may or may not remember me, and other’s who magically happen to find the article in spite of the gruelling back-end algorithms (which by the I have no idea how they work!).. Helloww and hope to see you more often!!

This past year was one long year.. let’s just say that a lot happened. One of the major changes, but definitely not the biggest.. that happened was that I moved cities.. umm.. continents.. to the beautiful city of Melbourne.

For someone who had basically spent her entire life from the same address, this was big. I came into a new city and was lucky enough to get an angel of a room-mate who became more of an elder sister to me and honestly, she made the experience far less daunting than what it was supposed to me. As excited as I was, I was terrified at the thought of leaving family amidst an unstable situation, to put it lightly and settle in a city across the ocean.. So, thank you Roomie. 🙂

As fate would have it, she had to leave and then got stuck at home because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Suddenly, there was a void.. and the move that hadn’t felt so daunting felt scary. Living alone and having to do every thing by oneself teaches you a lot of things and given the current circumstances, gives you a lot of time to think and observe. All of a sudden, the move is more real than ever, staying away from family a little sadder and life a lot more uncertain.

What is funny is that now, when I feel alone is the time all of us are actually alone and separated.. home-town or no home-town.. but are all connected in a weird way. I feel like the ideal global citizen right now, with all the self-isolation in a continent that itself is self-isolating.. water all around, you see 😛.. and understand it is very much a struggle for each and every one of us.. in more ways than one. And it felt like sharing my thoughts was the best thing that I could do right now. This is how I connect.

Here is to praying that the madness is over soon.

Till then.. stay home and stay safe!

Also.. roomie.. be back soon! 😉

Stay safe message

Let me know in the comments below how you are doing and what is your story!


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