“INKREDIA: Luwan of Brida” Book Review | Getting my hopes up!

“INKREDIA: Luwan of Brida” Book Review | Getting my hopes up!

Author:  Sarang Mahajan

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Pages: 383 pages

In Fal Doram, also called as the great empire of Inkredia, a conspiracy begins to unfold. The first step is an easy one – kill a simple, villager named Luwan. When Luwan suddenly faces an enemy straight out of the folklore, he is left dumbfounded by the mystery why they are after him. As he makes a daring run to survive, journeying through the unknown world outside his village, new mysteries emerge, some closely concerning him. Riddled with questions and hunted by legendary assassins, and by the nonhumans made of the darkest element in the nature, Luwan makes a dangerous journey through the incredible empire of Inkredia.

To say the truth, my expectations for the Fantasy genre are dishearteningly low when it comes to Indian authors, especially if it is not based on some mythological character or story. I love reading mythology based stories and shouldn’t complain but it clearly overused! So, when I started this book, I had set my expectations accordingly and am so excited that it soared through! Do you see my hopes and expectations to see this genre flourish amongst Indian authors getting higher? Do I see redemption?

The characters were well written and I adored the fact that the story progressed as an adventure with siblings and not cliche teen lovers. Their relationship was believable and beautiful. The mystery in Killiarn’s character is worth mentioning as well.. I liked the way his character unfold with the scenes.

The world building and non-human creatures.. their stories were fascinating as well. The pace is good and the story holds your attention with ample twists and turns.

I am so glad I picked this book.. from a debutante author.. no less and got a pleasant surprise. Definitely recommended if you also had lost hopes and want to give it another chance.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

What are your ideas about non-human creatures?
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~~I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~


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