“The Dark Side of The Moon (Volume 1)” – Book Review | Totally Spooked me out!

“The Dark Side of The Moon (Volume 1)” – Book Review | Totally Spooked me out!

Author: Shubham Arora

Genre: Horror

Number of Pages: 50 pages

The Dark Side Of The Moon is a collection of short stories that are dark, grim and flirt ambitiously with notions of the unexplained. Volume 1 includes three stories.

What do you do when you are thousands of miles away from the person you love?
You Skype.
But what if what you see isn’t what it actually is?

All killers have a motive. People don’t kill out of necessity; people kill because they want to kill.
Would a mother murdering her own child have a motive too? He has seven days to find out.

It’s been 33 years. The comet is returning. His god is returning.
The time is right for The Ritual. Will his god come home? (Goodreads)

I don’t think it is the right word for a book that serves you blood with a side a horror.. nonetheless, I am going to go ahead and call this book a pleasant surprise!! I got completely spooked and at times even doubted my decision to read it at night!
I have not read much of the horror genre but if it is anything like this.. I will disagree with people who say horror books cannot be scary..
It was a really short read and I chose to read it in one-story-a-night pattern.
“The Last Skype” was a good introduction and definitely piqued my interest in continuing the book. The sudden twist was the hero of this story.
All the three stories were worth reading but my favorite has to be “In my Head”. This is the one that made me question why I was reading them at night at all! :O The only thing I will tell you about this one is go, read it!
“The Ritual” had a mystical feel to it and played around with the religious beliefs and to which extent they can take you. Spooky and thought-provoking.
Overall this book is absolutely worth the short time that one takes to read it and I already cannot wait for the Volume 2 to come out! Recommended if you are looking for a short dark read or if you are a newbie to this genre like me!



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~~I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~


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