“A Voyage through the Echoes” Book Review | Travel time!!

“A Voyage through the Echoes” Book Review | Travel time!!

Author: Prakriti Singh

Genre: Travelogue

Number of Pages: 74 pages

The book is a blend of emotional challenges and travel journeys of the author around the Indian country. One can learn many unique things about different yet common places, about their history and culture apart from all that everybody knows. As the voyage starts, the author finds herself being a coward who couldn’t even speak for herself but through the journey realises the courage and the strength that she had within herself. She didn’t have much social circle initially but as the time passes she discovers many mates who were like her and created a bond with them. She realises the true meaning of enjoying life. She had a relationship that was no more than an embarrassment to her and because of which she even tried to commit suicide during the journey but later realised that her life was far more precious than a relationship. The book is like a train ride, where you can have a glimpse of outside view along with a toast of emotions. (Back Cover)

It has honestly been so long that I have physically traveled that I couldn’t possibly say no to the opportunity of travelling all over the country and so.. I jumped right into it!

The book is a travelogue that covers Prakriti’s month-long mandatory college excursion which takes us from Nauni (in Himachal Pradesh) and back via Dehradun, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Goa, Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi.. If only my alma mater arranged something like this.. sigh!!

Prakriti does a fantastic job of compiling all of it.. including her feelings, the rise and fall of emotions.. and how the trip made her realize certain things and helped her grow and understand herself.. All in under 100 pages! I did feel some emotions were childish.. but then it only makes the book more real and that it was written to share her real feels rather than putting out a filtered version for the sake of publication.

Since she was a forestry and environmental science student, the trip takes us through a lot of institutions for the same along with the rest of the sight-seeing. So, if you are somebody from this department.. this is a must read! 😀 But, even if you are not, it is a pretty cool read as the forestry institutes are only a small part of the locations mentioned for the different cities.

One thing that I realized on reading the book was that how one’s native place plays a huge role in a travel experience! To the author snowfall was normal but the sight and feel of a beach was new, something to be excited for.. but to me, to whom sea beaches are fairly accessible and snowfall just happens in dreams and movies.. the feel is very opposite! What is normal to someone is special to someone else.. everything is beautiful and worth cherishing.. it is just that the abundance and accessibility kill the charm.

Through the book I visited some cities that I have always wanted to, some that were never on my travel plans before, but are now after reading the book and re-visited the rest. It really makes me want to go backpacking on a month-long vacation.. maybe at a slower pace.. where I get to stay and absorb the essence of each city.. maybe one which takes me to the lesser known areas through the roads less traveled. 🙂


Three stars

When did you last go on a trip?

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~~I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~

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