“The Code of Manavas” (Maha Vishnu Trilogy #1) – Book Review | A mix of mythology and sci-fi!

“The Code of Manavas” (Maha Vishnu Trilogy #1) – Book Review | A mix of mythology and sci-fi!

Author: Arpit Bakshi

Genre: Mythological Fiction, Sci-fi

Number of Pages: 284 pages

The Maha Vishnu Trilogy is set two million years past 2050 AD when Earth as we know has ceased to exist. Life is concentrated in the two separated city states called Madhavpur and Ayudhpur. A new elevated race, the Manavas now reside the planet, now called Bhoomi in the Swarnim-Yuga. They have come a long way from the man of today by controlling their emotions, actions, disease and ageing – thanks to Bhoomidium, an element that has been injected into the crust and water supply.

But something went terribly wrong and Bhoomidium levels on Bhoomi are dwindling, carrying the Manavas to their impending doom. Now it lies upon Krishna to save the Manavas like he had two million years ago. He is studying the patterns of evolution on Prithvi, a faraway planet that has home-like conditions, the planet they plan to migrate to soon.. but there is an intruder who constantly challenges is plans and actions. Who is this person and why is he doing so? Will Krishna be able to save the Manavas?

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that it was a mythological science-fiction! Can’t say I have read or even heard of many of those! Lord Krishna being my absolute favorite mythological character just deepened my interest.. Was I really going to pass an opportunity to read Lord Krishna tinkering with science.. some two million years later..Nah.. I think not! 😛

So, I had to pick this book up!

I found the beginning slow and difficult to grasp with all the new terms and unprecedented setting.. Thank the lord for the glossary at the end of the book.. 😀 The story gradually picks up pace and becomes an absolute page turner. Surprises kept pouring in and I honestly did not know what to expect. I mean there was this dinosaur fight where Krishna and two other people are in that realistic simulation in the nascent Prithvi!! The brachiosaurus and T-Rex fight was my one of the favorite parts of the book. The language is good and I liked the way it was written. The mythological references thrown in here and there were fun to read too.

That being said I had a few issues with the book as well. The time-space is quite scattered. Since it takes us across millions of years and multiple planets at their different stages, some kind of chapter indicators might have made the reading easier. Apart from that, I would like to see some strong female representation as well. The very few women who appear in the story.. the apparently modern and strong women are also mildly portrayed as ‘the damsel in distress’ who needs the man’s validation..

Overall, ‘The Code of Manavas’ was a good debut and is definitely worth a read. Kudos to the author for the concept. I am going to come back to this series when the next book is out.. for the unanswered questions and as I said before, can’t stay away from Krishna tinkering with science! 😛


~~I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~

Have you read or come across any mythological science-fiction before?

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