“Becoming God” – Book Review | A little piece of God in each of us!

“Becoming God” – Book Review |  A little piece of God in each of us!

Author: Pankaj Ogra

Genre: Fiction

Number of Pages: 157 pages

Becoming God creates a fictional world of freedom where one can make anything possible by believing in oneself. 

The story revolves around the protagonist, Parnog, a sales professional. Things change when Parnog is drawn into a strange world and realizes he is no ordinary human being but an extension of the creators of our galaxy. He was created for a purpose—to save the world from negative forces. He is one of seven people selected to do this. However, he is the only one aware of the purpose. 

Parnog learns about life, people, relationships, and things about himself during the journey. He makes new friends with people from the alien world and earth. Will Parnog find the other six people? Will he be able to become GOD? Will he succeed in what he wishes to?

Every choice you make makes you either strong or weak, but even weakness teaches you how to build again. Humans were never weak, it was a choice they made, and they made a negative one. Do you think the choice you make next will get you something? Choose wisely.

The biggest plus point about this book for me was that I truly believe and identify with the base concept of the book. 

Being a Hindu, I have learnt about a myriad of Gods and Goddesses and the list is honestly endless.. Even then, to me the idea of God has always been a super power with cannot be bottled into a few idols but something that is distributed among each one of us.. driving us towards our destiny and every decision we make, every action we take affects the equilibrium, leading to chaos.

Every positive and negative act is designed to get balanced in the ideal situation.. but alas nothing is ideal. When the bad begins to overpower the good, a whirlwind chaos is unleashed that can only spiral and end in destruction.

We all strive for a better world but are usually reluctant to find faults within ourselves or to change us for that matter. Criticizing others is easy but to identify your own follies, admit them and do something to change them is the difficult part. Have you thought how ‘godly’ this world could be if we just changed ourselves for the better even in the slightest of ways.. by becoming a part of the God who designed you.. without looking elsewhere?

Even though the methods used to explain the technical parts of becoming God tend to becoming confusing sometimes, the book deserves a read just for it’s beautiful essence. It was published earlier as an uncorrected version but has now been re-printed recently with proper edits.


~~I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~

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