“The Alpha Yeti” – Book Review

“The Alpha Yeti” – Book Review

The book builds on the myths and lores of Yeti or Bigfoots.. the story is set in Karya Kunj, a small village located at the foot of Nirmalaya mountain range.. it is a beautiful place with a motley crue of people who have been told by their ancestors about the wrath of these beasts and the fact that the wrath will be unleashed once again..

The book has some good twists shocking moments and even some spine-chilling ones.. but it was too slow in the initial chapters.. It describes the lives of the tribals, how they come together to save their land, their celebrations and hopelessness.. the emotions are well written.

There are lots of action sequences but they often got very confusing.. there were so many people fighting and it was not clear what exactly was going on at times. some scenes also felt like they were dragging.

It is good that the author has used such an under-exploited mythical character to build a story. The quality of language used in the book is good.. but it could have definitely done with some tighter editing. It took me quite a few sittings to finish this book which may improve with the better editing.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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~~ I was given a copy of the book to read and review. All opinions are honest and my own.~~


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