‘Time Crawlers’

‘Time Crawlers’

‘Time Crawlers’ is a collection of 6 short stories in which the author has scripted stories set in various points in space-time. some of them are set in a parallel universe and some into different points in time. It gives the reader some flexibility to set up the surroundings since it’s not possible to give much background in short stories and each of them varies vastly in terms of the setting.

I will do a short review about each story here.

1. Nark-Astra: Mythological influenced, this one is quite interesting with kings, gurus, war, revenge and technically modern weapons which have their basis in mythology or nature. The end was a great surprise and I got really excited to read the next story.

2. ‘Death By Crowd’ : Spooky, dark, creepy, thought-provoking. Death by crowd was probably my most favourite of all the stories. It was very scary and to think that we may very well be heading there at some point send chills through me. Highly recommended one. Very thought-provoking.

3. Genie: This one was quite fast and funny. This light read after the previous one, exploits the stories of Aladdin and the magic Genie.. and brings a balance in the flavour of the stories.

4. Time Crawlers: Ineteresting concept written in a interesting format but it left me wanting for more. The concept of time being bent and twisted and people being able to move in different time periods and existing kind of at the same time it was interesting.. definitely interesting.

5. Eclipse: This one cover the concept that I have come across before.. of aliens actually being the de facto rulers of our planet and are all in important positions.. basically running the world altogether. They can be identified by these people known as ‘Knowers’ who wants to get rid of the aliens.

6. The Cave: I actually really enjoyed this short story. It was very different and seemed kind of abrupt when I was reading it but now that I think.. it was interesting.

Overall this collection will take very short time to read and give you lots to imagine. Not bad to let your brain go haywire and imagine the unimaginable. ‘Death by Crowd’ comes highly recommended from me though!

Rating: 3.5 stars

Do you enjoy the concept of playing with time?

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