“Primrose Street” – Book Review | Beautiful potrayal of the mundane..

“Primrose Street” – Book Review | Beautiful potrayal of the mundane..

Author: Marina L. Reed

Genre: Contemporary, Fiction

Welcome to Primrose Street, where neighbours share close interactions but know very little of each other. Only the maple trees that have lined the road for decades know their decisions, indiscretions, secrets, joys, and pains.
From fifty-year residents Charlie and Cora and their grandson Ronald, to newcomer Sofia and her son Nicolas, to best friends Tabitha and Dayna, the residents of Primrose Street go about their daily lives—shopping, attending school, meeting at cafés, smiling as they pass on the sidewalk—all the while remaining invisible to one another.
Only when an invitation arrives in their mailboxes must the residents of Primrose Street decide whether to allow authenticity into their lives and neighbourhood or remain limited in their relationships and thereby to themselves.
Drawing comparisons to Maeve Binchy and Elizabeth Strout for its clear-eyed characterizations of everyday people, Marina L. Reed’s writing sheds light on questions that haunt us and exposes the poison of secrets. Primrose Street is everyone’s street, where the ebb and flow of daily experiences can bring people together and miracles are still possible.
(Source: Goodreads)

When I started reading this book, I liked it okay.. with the maple trees and a seemingly non-descript society coming together to save a tree. They all seemed like simple people with extremely un-happening mundane lives.. but as the pages turned I was introduced to the people behind the masks of the ones that appeared in the society meeting! Each chapter focused on a family/ character but the characters appeared in and out of other chapters. How their lives intertwine and yet they hold masks in front of the rest. All of them have secrets to guard and perfect lives to show case.

This show of a perfect life and being too busy does more harm than good. I have always felt this but this book pushed me to think about it and talk about it to others. I am linking the post: Secrets are poison.. Don’t hold ’em back any more!! just in case you want to check it out.. 🙂
The most beautiful thing about “Primrose Street” is the writing style. Never has I imagined that I would read a page-long description of a patient watching doctor washing his bloody hands after a surgery with such rapt attention! In fact, the description of these ignorable scenes is what set this book apart for me.
Getting to know each character brought more meaning and understanding to the lives on Primrose Street. Each of the events I had read before I knew that character’s story held more significance with each passing chapter. I did get confused a few times and had to go back to ensure I was not mixing the lives as there were so many characters and all of them were equally important.. there was no place for a main character. A main character, if any, was the street itself.
I absolutely adored this book and highly recommend it!

Rating: 4 stars

~~I was given a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review via NetGalley. All views expressed here are completely my own~~
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