“Vitamin G” – Book Review | Being Grateful!

“Vitamin G” – Book Review | Being Grateful!

Author: Prashant Jain 

Genre: Self-help and Personal Development

Number of Pages: 199 pages

“Vitamin G” stresses on the importance of gratitude for having a fulfilled and well-rounded life. There are many aspects of life which we would want to improve on but one thing that gets thoroughly ignored often is gratitude. According to this book, gratitude is the key to attaining ultimate happiness because that is what will lead to a fulfilled soul. The author shares his real-life stories of success, loss, depression and recovery to validate his claims. There are some really good takeaways from this book and can be an okay one time read.

One  of the things which resonated with me is the concept that gratitude is a ripple and not a boomerang which means that you should not be expecting to get as much as you give to a particular person. The impact of gratitude should be more downstream.. that is like you help one person and that person is grateful to you and that makes them more giving.. he returns the feeling by doing something for the benefit of somebody else. So in this way the thankfulness keeps on flowing without forgetting that somebody helped you too! If this is happening with every single person out there, it will automatically create ripples which will also reach you from some unexpected place. However, we cannot expect it from everyone right away and should try to show our gratefulness back to the person we are receiving from as well without it feeling like a debt that we need to repay. Another one is that we need to find happiness and be grateful for things that we take for granted. For example, the fact that you have access to clean clothes clean water a roof over your head or maybe just the fact that you have properly working appendages.. things that we take for granted.. should not really be because there are a lot of people who are probably praying to live the life that you are leading and sulking about!

Being grateful makes you a better person in general because of the very fact that gratefulness is a positive vibe. Gratitude may not be an inbuilt quality of a person but can definitely be built over time. Small exercises are there in the book which can be quite helpful in this regard.

Overall I am glad I read this book however there are certain points which the author has kept fruits which I don’t agree with a lot but then everybody is entitled to their own opinions so rather you read and decide for yourself how much you want to absorb and how much you want to filter out. Another thing that I felt was that he was saying the same thing Again and again and again. It was kind of boring but maybe that’s the point.. to hammer it so many times that you start believing in gratitude even if you didn’t at the beginning of the book. I was already a believer in gratitude and I keep this journal which has also mentioned in his book about noting one good thing or one thing that you are grateful about on that particular day. It can be something as small as getting the window seat on the bus to some getting a job done or something that you are praying for from a long long long time. Little practices like saying thank you goes a long way in uplifting he person you said thanks to. This totally reminds me of that scene from Munna Bhai MBBS where Munna says thank you to the janitor and he is instantly so happy that somebody acknowledged his work.. that somebody felt that what he was doing was  worth noticing.. This one thank you had meet him feel like a human being because every day he was doing the same work mopping and sweeping and nobody really cared about his existence or even if they care they never told it to him so he never knew. If you haven’t watched this movie I recommend you watch it because this is one of the best movies best Bollywood movies according to me. There is so much this movie has to teach about life that it is amazing.

The book is an okay read but the practices mentioned in the book can be quite helpful. I am trying a few of these myself!


Three stars

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