“The Wages of Life” – Book Reviews | Unexpectedly good!

“The Wages of Life” – Book Reviews | Unexpectedly good!

Author: Vikram Kapur

Genre: Political thriller

Number of Pages: 239 pages

The Hindu nationalist movement, Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, a Seattle-based computer engineer and a Perry Mason novel are just some of the threads woven into the tapestry of this story. Meticulously researched, The Wages of Life interweaves India’s past and present to tell a story that blends fact and fiction, while retaining all the elements of a classic mystery—an intricate plot, unfolding through a fast-paced narrative, leading to an unexpected climax.

“The Wages of Life” was one of the books that I had gone into completely blind. The first few pages didn’t say anything out of the ordinary but a few chapters later when things really started to unfold I could see an amazing read in it. The Indo-Pak politics is one of the the areas that gets me hooked instantly.
The story eventually takes us back to the years of partition, into what the politics was like at that time, the emotions of the people regarding the political decisions and the pulse of the youth.A lot of eminent personalities appear in the book as involved characters in the politically inclined novel. Reading about the famous personalities of the past in the backdrop of a contemporary murder mystery was a refreshing surprise to say the least.
The Mystery unfurled beautifully with elements of politics and emotions. The way he finds out about his father’s past and relations and what led to his father getting murdered out of the blue. The scenes were very clear and as a reader I could imagine every scene in my head. There were mentions of the Indo-Pak riots which were basically Hindu-Muslim riots which was very graphic and hit me really hard. It broke me to read those pages where men were killing each other in the name of religion which doesn’t really make much sense to me as a human being. This got me thinking about the in young hearts that needs to be pacified and not fueled. And this is not just about the times when India was getting divided but even if we see around today all over the world there are skirmishes which are based on religion. It is just plain sad.
I enjoyed this book a lot but there was this small thing that kept nagging me.. which was that the guy’s father was killed and he doesn’t go to see his father first but instead jumps into investigating the murder case.. which I found a little bit odd but other than that I don’t really have any complaints against this book it is is unexpectedly good and I totally recommend it.
The English was easy and the story flowed very well. This is recommended for readers who want a very good mystery novel with the political background but with very easy English. Pick this one up! It needs more readers!



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~~I was given a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~
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