“Tarikshir” – Book Review | Thrill and Entertainment galore!

“Tarikshir” – Book Review | Thrill and Entertainment galore!

Author: Khayaal Patel

Genre: Mythology based Historical fiction

Number of Pages: 332 pages

A small princely state in Rajasthan is the last bastion of resistance against the might of the British Empire. While unrest surrounding the sudden death of the king of Devangarh grows, young prince Rudra Pratap Chauhan prepares to ascend the throne.

But the kingdom is in turmoil. The Devangarh army is outnumbered and the British forces are closing in. To make matters worse, Rudra discovers the king’s death may not have been accidental after all. The strange appearance and disappearance of a mysterious hooded stranger and a series of ritualistic murders in which the bodies have been drained of blood, spread panic across the realm.

As Rudra struggles to manage his new responsibilities and investigate his father’s death, dark secrets will be uncovered that will disrupt life as he knows it.

I never thought I would read Ram, Ravan, Rajputs, British, Secret societies and Zombies in the same book! I laud the author’s uncanny ability to put all these and more together in one single book.. and this is only the beginning of a series!! Oh god!! Can someone hand me the next book right now?? (Mr. Author are you listening?) 😛

The first scene itself is quite interesting and will immediately grasp the attention of the reader. I had already come across this mystical all-powerful weapon that Ravan is said to have possessed and when I read about it again, I got all excited. Apart from that, the blurb already talked about a Rajput clan in British India. That was all I needed to know to get lost in the book..After that scene after scene, revelation after revelation, twist after twist.. okay you get the drill.. kept coming and sucked me further into the story of Tarikshir..

The plot was amazing and the execution perfect! I could feel the chills in the thrilling moments, smiled in the little moments of tenderness, got frustrated at decisions, confused with the plot twists.. at points I did not know what to think.. So I did what I do best.. I kept reading.. to know where things head and finally culminate. There was not a single dull moment.

The characters were strong and believable.. both in their apparent behavior and deceit. Emotions were portrayed well and that I believe played a major role in making the actions believable from the reader’s perspective. Not even a single character seemed unnecessary or out of place.

Also, it has been while that I have read a book that does not encash a girl-boy / romance aspect. The lack of romantic aspect was a refresher because the story didn’t waver at all from the main plot at all.

Even though this is touted to be a mythological fiction, it mostly just takes snippets of information from Indian Mythology and then spins a historical fiction using the wildest of imagination. This book deserves some extra appreciation for sheer imagination and that comes from a person who is in love with fantasy stories! 🙂

Highly recommended if you are interested in a gripping story with a pinch of mythology, a dash of history and whole lot of imagination!

Rating: 17eb4-1500177695711

~~I was given a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~

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