Secrets are poison.. Don’t hold ’em back any more!!

Secrets are poison.. Don’t hold ’em back any more!!

Like it or not.. we all keep secrets..  mostly because we are scared the world won’t accept us for who we are or what we have done once the mask falls off.  The worst part is that we all hold secrets and act like our lives are perfect and so are the lives of people around us.. lest somebody shares something we get entangled in it! It is far easier to pretend everything is perfect!

The question is why we do keep secrets at all?

The answer is.. we, as social beings crave acceptance and thus, do our best to hold the facade up. This is the worst thing because it stops us from sharing secrets with people who might actually care. Sometimes, we bare a part of ourselves to the wrong person, get scarred for life and then push ourselves into a hell-hole we never want to come out of! It may even push us to the depths of depression.. so it is important to talk about them so they may not control us. 

hold a hand

Blessed are the souls who get to be completely real with everyone. However, being able to bare yourself at least somewhere is essential for a wholesome mind. Smaller secrets do not matter much but when it comes to life choices, preferences, abuse or worse.. find someone alongside to deal with it. You do not need to tread the path alone. Everyone’s got issues, some are just better at hiding them. When you decide to open up, you’ll be surprised how many people identify with you. That said, I totally agree that not all of the response you will get will be supportive but finding a single soul to hold on to goes a long way!

We have come to a point where we do not really talk.. as in.. about our feelings and emotions even though mental health is an issue and people are aware of it’s existence like never before! It is really heart-breaking. Start with your family and then friends. Talk to your spouse, your child, parents, siblings instead of scrolling down your phone or mindlessly binge-watching a series. Sometimes we are just alone and feel like no one will understand us. You never know when a silly conversation about the latest movie can spur into a meaningful discussion.. Share experiences together.. and value each other’s existence and opinions. Hold a hand and hold it tight. 

The Big Bad World does not have to scare you.. you can have your own sweet one.. one in which you feel protected and do the same for others. 🙂


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Share and live a hearty life! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Secrets are poison.. Don’t hold ’em back any more!!

  1. “Blessed are the souls who get to be completely real with everyone.”
    I agree but, is there really someone who is real with everyone? I don’t think so. In this dog-eat-dog world, nobody wants to bring out their vulnerable side, for the fear of getting pounced upon. Yes, you can call me cynical. 😅

    “However, being able to bare yourself at least somewhere is essential for a wholesome mind.”
    Except one’s mother, I don’t think any other place is safe. And that too, if your Mum or closest relative is not a master manipulator. 😯

    And lastly, about people identifying with us, I’d love to find such people as nobody I see has the time or patience to lend a patient ear, everyone struggling with pulling together their own lives. 🙈

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