“I don’t have time to read!” – Stop complaining.. Have someone read them to you! ;)

“I don’t have time to read!” – Stop complaining.. Have someone read them to you! ;)

I am sure we all have had days, if not phases when we are just too busy too read and these hurtful words have come out of our mouths.. because let’s face it.. no matter how much we love reading and escaping reality.. there it is.. poking it’s head and nose every once in a while!

If you belong to the club that has no time to read.. or even the one that struggles to find time, fighting reality to know what happens next in the piece of fiction you are currently living in..and those who just love reality – yes dear non-fiction reader, I see you too! 😉 .. and you.. who is too impatient to read a book at all.. 😛 I have good news!


What if somebody read out to you and you just had to listen, immersing yourself in the content? Yes.. I am talking about audio books!! While the idea of an audio book is well-known, it is quite difficult to find good ones..

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I recently came across the Storytel app which has an amazing collection of ebooks and audio books – both in Fiction and Non-Fiction genres. There are separate categories for Biographies, Classics, Crime, Personal Development, Young Adult and the like! One of the best features of the app is the Book Tips and Recommendations section – gives great recommendations based on the books you have added to your shelf or searched for.

The quality of audio and the narration is crisp which makes for an enjoyable listening experience. The speed of narration can also be controlled. The books can be heard both online and offline (by downloading). Now, I am somebody who has to travel around 3-4 hours every day.. which gives me ample time to hear something but not hold a book in my hand and enjoy it. Audio books are a blessing.. I tell you!

Do you hear audio books just before sleep and sometimes end up waking up with the completed audio book.. yes.. I have slept through an entire book. This tragedy has befallen me! In that case.. more good news! Storytel has an option to set sleep timer. App-designers.. thank you for thinking about people like us! 😀

The most brilliant and unique feature of this app is the availability of regional literature! This was unexpected and probably my favorite feature as I have always wanted to read Hindi Literature but I am afraid my reading pace is too slow for me to completely read and enjoy a full length novel.. this fear has kept me from reading Hindi novels but with Storytel I can now read them!

The only glitch I found with the app was that in online mode, if I kept the display off for too long, it would pause and then on pressing play it sometimes went back a minute or two. This could very well be an issue with the particular books I was reading though.. 

With such an amazing app in hand.. there could be no reason not to read! You are never too busy to read! Stop complaining and have Storytel read it to you.. Read when you are travelling, doing chores, too tired to pick up a book by yourself, going to sleep! Try out the 30-day trial version of Storytel app and decide for yourself! 😉

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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