“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” – Book Review | The most stunning book I have ever read! + The hype is real!

“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” – Book Review | The most stunning book I have ever read! + The hype is real!

Author: Brian Selznick

Genre: Historical fiction, YA, Sequential Art

Number of Pages: 533 pages

There are so many books that I am scared of picking up just because I may not end up liking a book which is well-loved by most! “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” was one such book which I have seen all over the Book Community on the Internet and never heard one bad or even okay comment about it! People just love this book to the core..

Honestly I can’t believe such an amazing book even exists! I mean there is brilliant throughout the book! The story begins with the visualization of a Paris evening.. in the subway of the station.. and then there are pages after pages of illustrations to give you the perfect feel and mood of the setting! Woah… that totally blew me away as I had expected anything but that! And such text and corresponding art continues throughout the book! 😀 Yeah.. this book totally has my heart!

All the illustrations are in black and white.. charcoal paintings.. with such minute detailing that you can help but marvel at the creativity! Have a look at some of the art for yourself!

If you think I have gone bonkers about the exclamation marks.. you should read this book and try to talk about it.. There will be exclamation marks all over the place too! 😛 It is just too good!

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The book is quite chunky at 530+ pages but art takes up a lot of pages.. almost half of them.. may be even more.. which makes it an incredibly fast read.

Set in Paris, “The Invention Of Hugo Cabret” is the story of an orphan-boy Hugo who is left to his only living relative, who is a time-keeper at the train station, after his father passes away in a tragic fire at the museum. All that is he is now left with are his father’s memories and an automaton which he tirelessly tries to fix. One night, his uncle does not return but Hugo does not report as he is afraid he will be taken away. So he keeps the clocks running himself and leads a quiet life, devoting all his time to fix the automaton. He believes it can give him a message from his father.

The characters are lovable, story is gripping and the writing style is in the perfect story-telling mode. The hype is real.. guys and girls! This book deserves more love that it can get! The story also draws from some very influential real-life characters.. which I cannot reveal as that will be a major spoiler..


Recommended to anybody and everybody.. No matter what age you are, what genre you like.. or even if you are not a reader.. you should know this book exists okay!? Okay? OKAY??

Rating: All the starts in the universe! 😀

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Have you read this amazing book? Do you want to? 😀

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