“Flying Without Wings” – Book Review | Beautiful language and expressions!

“Flying Without Wings” – Book Review | Beautiful language and expressions!

Author: Rishabh Puri

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Number of Pages: 190 pages

Milli Bajwa is a middle class girl working at the ariport, whose life revolves around making ends meet and taking care of her addict mother. Karan Singhania is the rich hot guy, wealth and charm oozing off him. The world sees him as a cash-cow including all women who come in his life. Amongst his life with beautiful women, a business empire to take care of, Karan just vies for true love. They meet over a dating app and the story continues. It is a story of love and what one is willing to go through to keep it once found.

I have to start by saying that I am thoroughly impressed by the writing style of the author.. Oh my! Not to sound rude but I had given up hopes of finding beautiful writing in light contemporary romances. Honestly! So this book was quite a surprise.. 😀 The writing is lyrical, with use of pretty words, and descriptions that take you far away and make you sit back, stare and think!
Other than this the next thing that I loved was the fact that their love and intimacy was build through words and not how they look or other activities. It was untarnished exposure of true feelings that brought them together. Two people from vastly different backgrounds and lives who felt lonely in their own rights and found the joy of companionship in each other.
The concept of the book is fresh. Milli is likable and Karan is out and out lovable! That character, is perfectly written! The execution however, has a lot of inconsistencies.. in Milli’s lifestyle, their actions and more. If read just for the sake of enjoying a light romance.. this is a go-to book.. It will make you sad and also put a smile on your face, just don’t think too critically and read with an open mind.
Overall, I would recommend this to people looking for a quick light read with good writing. Special recommendation to readers of Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Datta, etc.


Who is your favorite author in the contemporary romance genre?
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