June 2018 – It’s a wrap!

June 2018 – It’s a wrap!

June was quiet a hard month for me both in terms of life and (thus) reading. I ended up reading only four books which is okay considering my one book a week goal was met! πŸ™‚
However, the books were really short and two of them were poetry collections. I read poetry after a really really long time and realized that I have missed it and want to read more of the genre! Without further ado.. let’s dive into the books I read this June! πŸ˜€

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The first book I read in June was “When Dimple Met Rishi”. I had picked this one purely out of curiosity. NRI parents set up 18 year olds for marriage in America.. Nerdy girl and romantic boy.. sign me up! Honestly I was so pumped about reading a take on arranged marriage. Read my review to check out my thoughts!

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Next up is the book for which the entire community was waiting!! “A Court of Frost and Startlight” was the perfect example of an overhyped book. It disappointed me but definitely had some redeeming qualities. Also, have you looked at that gorgeous cover! Check out all my thoughts in the review. πŸ™‚

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This was the first of the two poetry books I read. “Heart Broken Musings” was one of it’s kind, where the poet goes a step further and gives the background and after-thoughts along with each piece. Immediately fell in love with book on reading afew chapters. I had so much more potential than how it ended. That saddened me quiet a bit. Here’s why..

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Last but not the least, I read “Unlocked Silences” which was a collection of poetry and some poetic prose. The writings deal with emotions, empathy, belief, motivation and written from multiple perspectives. Honestly, I was not moved much in the beginning but then it went on to win my heart. Check out the review to find out more about the book!
Going by the covers, it seems the unintentional theme of the month was black! πŸ˜›
Also, I did my first blog tour for β€œNot Like Everyone Else”, which released on June 15th. Check it out on the blog!
Tell me how June was for you? How many books did you read?


13 thoughts on “June 2018 – It’s a wrap!

  1. I’m going to start reading when Dimple net Rishi. But slightly nervous since I had recommended this book to another friend and she didn’t like it much. So let’s see😊

      1. Hmm ok thanks for the heads up.. I have started the book and yeah there are some things that are a little annoying and strange too- but I’ll write about my thoughts on the book once I finish it😊

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