“When Dimple Met Rishi” – Book Review | When your parents set you up!!

“When Dimple Met Rishi” – Book Review | When your parents set you up!!

As someone who has been born and brought up in India, arranged marriage has been the norm that I have seen in the society.. not that love marriages are obscure, they happily co-exist.. 😛 but arranged marriages seem to be more common even today! However, people from other countries or even Indians born and brought up outside don’t seem to be a big believer in it and some even consider it a faulty concept. So, when I saw an Indian arranged marriage situation in an American setting I had to go for it!
I really liked how the concept of arranged marriage is rationalized in the book and it shows that it doesn’t have be a wrong decision just because it is your parents who are choosing the partner! It is not like we are forced to marry the first guy or girl we meet.. we do have a choice.. to say yes or no after a courtship period! Though I really have to mention that initially I did feel that Dimple’s mom was acting weird.. I mean which mother asks her daughter to fall for a guy at 18 to get married in today’s world? Or judge a daughter’s credibility on her make-up or ability to land an IIH (Ideal India Husband as she says :O)..Thankfully they ease up later..
Another thing I loved about the book was the fact that the girl was a computer nerd and the guy is interested in art.. I am so tired of reading and seeing the opposite!! The pretty girl and genius guy trope is so overdone..Thank you Sandhya!
The story was light and fluffy with the usual teen stuff.. where they have their emotions scattered.. one moment confident and the slothy the next.. except Rishi.. whom I found an adorable hopelessly romantic nerd and the perfect son as well! Though I enjoyed Dimple and Rishi’s story, I could have done with fewer pages. The story seemed to drag at some places and even though the scenes were needed, all I ask is for it to be compact.
In any case, this will be a book that I will remember for some time, just for the topic.. if nothing else..

Dimple Shah is an 18 year old who has her life all figured out. Coding is her life and she wants to attend the Insomnia Con this summer before starting at Stanford. It takes some coercing but then her parents get convinced!

Rishi Patel has his heart in comic book art but given his perfect breeding, he respects his parents’ wishes to join MIT. His parents want him to meet a girl at a summer program before that.. Dimple Shah and boy.. is he excited to meet his future wife!

What happens when Dimple finally meets Rishi?

Author: Sandhya Menon

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Number of Pages: 380 pages

Rating: 3.5 stars
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