May 2018 – It’s a wrap!

May 2018 – It’s a wrap!

May was my Birthday month and there were gifts everywhere, including my beloved Kindle! Add to it, the fact that I got loads of reading done (by my standards at least) and you have me in a general mood of everlasting cheerfulness. I read 6 books this month.. Something that has not happened in a really really long time!! Adulting sucks. I tell you! Getting back to my May cheer.. here is a list of all the books I read this month.

The first book I read this month was “The Perils of Being Moderately famous” by Soha Ali Khan. This was such a fun and fast read that I flew through it in a day, again something that usually doesn’t happen to me because I am a snail of a reader. Quite different form the expected lives in the Bollywood divas, this woman is accomplished in ways that sets her apart from the others. In my full review of the book you can see why I enjoyed it so much and why this book is worth a read.

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The next book that I read was “Friends With Boys” by Faith Erin Hicks. This was a graphic novel.. my first graphic novel actually. The illustrations were pretty. The story however, was very okayish and the end was abrupt. Still, it was so much fun reading this, that I was reminded of my childhood days and how much I loved comics. Note to self: Read more of these and comics.

The Guardian Book Cover
Next up is my favorite book of the month – “The Guardian”. I loved this book with all my heart. It gave me all the feels and it hit me with an intensity how much I had missed his writing! To put it in short, this book re-kindled my love for Nicholas Sparks. It was such an unexpectedly refreshing read that I devoured it completely. Not that I expected any less from the uncrowned King of Romance, but the thrill factor was something that blew me off. If you don’t mind me raving about this a bit more, read my full review of the book!

“The Brahmin” by Ravi Shankar Etteth was a treat to the history lover in me. The Mauryan Era is one of my favourite eras in Indian History and a thriller set in that time excited me a lot. I had received the review copy last month and was waiting to read it ever since. To my relief, I enjoyed it a lot, especially the amazing characters! Recommended if you like historical thrillers. Read my full review to know more!

“Emergency Contact” by Mary HK. Choi was a book I had picked entirely on my whims simply because it was a new release and I was seeing it everywhere!! As if it was following me everywhere.. and people had only good things to say about it! Even through I enjoyed the book, it was not something that you HAVE TO read. Some things about the story were different and I really liked how the fact that the lead female character is an aspiring author and the whole thought process of writing and creating new worlds and stories, I felt somthing amiss. I think I should stop before this starts sounding like a mini-review!

The final book that I read this month was “Trust Me Not” by Ankita Verma Datta. I was super excited to receive a signed copy from the author and started off immediately. I really recommend this book to all Bollywood lovers who enjoy political thrillers and I am totally hoping this will be a movie some day! 😀 If you have read my review of the book you’ll know why I enjoyed reading this so much!!
And that’s a wrap on the month of May!! Here’s hoping that June is even better in terms of books and life in general as well..
How has life been to you in the month of May? Share with me in the comments below!!
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