A Word A Day Keeps Ignorance at Bay!!! – Cestus

A Word A Day Keeps Ignorance at Bay!!! – Cestus


  • noun. A cestus is an ancient battle glove, sometimes used in pankration. 
  • noun. a belt or girdle, especially one worn by a bride in ancient times.
    • They were worn like today’s boxing gloves, but were made with leather strips and sometimes filled with iron plates or fitted with blades or spikes, and used as weapons.
    • The word originated in mid 16th century: Latin, from the Greek word kestos meaning ‘stitched’. 

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      • caestus

  • Some warriors used spiked cesti to make their impact deadlier.
  • Later, after recovering, they fight again and this time Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm off with a retracting cestus.
    Beowulf (1999 film)

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