The (Birthday) Cake Book Tag 🎊

Cake.. who doesn’t love cake? There is some flavor that suits you.. or you.. As for me I will take any flavor you send my way! I just turned 25 and a few days ago I had seen this tag on A Book. A Thought.‘s blog who had also used this tag for her Birthday!! So I just blatantly stole the idea from her! She found the idea from The Sassy Book Geek.. so I gues I should thank her too! 😀

It has been a long time since I last did a tag.. wonder why.. They are such an amazing way of recommending books while answering questions!! Here we go with this one!

A dark book you absolutely love


“Between Shades of Grey” is set in the backdrop of World War II. It is a devastatingly heart breaking story that recounts the horrible consequences the war had on the lives of citizens in the countries that were involved. This story was extremely powerful and made me look back into history, wars and the inhuman nature of it all. I absolutely loved the story. It broke my heart.

A light read


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“The Fill-In Boyfriend” was such an easy book to fly through. The romance was light and even though it wasn’t the best of books out there, this is definitely recommended if you want something really light to read when you don’t really want to think much. I have a full review up!

A book that gave you mixed emotions


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I had heard a lot about Sidney Sheldon’s books before reading Doomsday Conspiracy. I had humongous expectations but it turned out to be pretty average. I did enjoy the book but the feeling that it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be gave me mixed emotions.. more so because this one of the author’s most popular works.

A book you would recommend to anyone



“The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss is a high fantasy. It is a tale of a boy’s search for meaning of life. It is a story of power, ruthlessness and amidst it the story of a boy who becomes a legend. I absolutely loved this book and am very eagerly waiting for the finale to arrive since what feels like forever! Patrick.. do you hear me and a million other fans screaming?

A book you started but never finished



“The Afghan” by Fredrick Forsyth is the only book that I have DNF’d. It was recommended by one of my cousins as one of his favorite books!! Just imagine having to tell him I couldn’t even finish it! The names and activities were so confusing that by the time I had reached about 140 pages I was totally lost.. 🙁

A book with great writing


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“The Grisha Trilogy” was a such a beautifully written trilogy! The descriptions were so artistically written that I would recommend this trilogy just for those if not for the amazing characters and world that Leigh Bardugo built through these three books! I am going to read just about anything she puts out for publication or even if I manage to sneak something from her personal archives.. words that were written and scrapped.. bet they are beautiful too!! 😀

A book that left you wanting more


Image result for digital fortress

The ending to “The Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown was amazing and is fulfilling. All questions are answered and closure is attained. Wondering what is this book doing in this prompt then? The answer is that even though it closed all open ends with respect to the story, it left me wanting for more of his sty;e of writing, for these kinds of books and reading in general, This is actually the book that set the ball rolling to my love for books! 😀

Need a better reason for it to be here? 😉

A series with 4+ Book



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