“The Perils of Being Moderately Famous” – Book Review

“The Perils of Being Moderately Famous” – Book Review


Author: Soha Ali Khan

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance

Number of Pages: 210 pages

“What is it like to be known as Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s daughter?
Or to have a mother as famous as Sharmila Tagore?
Or to be recognized as Saif Ali Khan’s sister?
Or as Kareena Kapoor’s sister-in-law?
And where do I stand among them?”
(From the Goodreads blurb)

Ever since I heard about this book, I have been curious to read it simply because the title intrigued me! I will be honest and admit that I never gave much thought to Soha Ali Khan..or to the entire family for that matter but when this came out, it made me think and really made me want to know what it must be like to be a moderately famous person in a family where everyone is extremely famous, to be a fairly successful person in a family of overachievers. So, when Soha had loads of free-time during her preganancy, she penned this candid memoir.


In the first two chapters itself it is clear that her lineage is something to kill for! She hails from the family of Nawabs (Indian princes) who stayed back in India after the partition and went on to give India one of her gems in the field of cricket (Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi) on her father’s side. Her mother’s lineage is no less. Sharmila Tagore belongs to the family of Rabindranath Tagore (India’s first Nobel Laureate) and was herself one of the most successful actresses in Indian cinema. It then goes on with stuff about her other family members and of course, herself.
She herself is a graduate from Oxford University and then post-grad from London School of Economics and that itself carves her own place in the long list of achievements in her family. This, however is not known to a lot of people and they judge her by the Bollywood career that is pale in comparison to her other family members. She gives an account of her experiences and how they have been different because of her father/mother or brother’s popularity. But then, it also chronicles how in spite of all this, she is her own person and wants to be loved just because of that!
In the book Soha shares exclusive photos from her family archives which is really amazing! The tone of the book is very light and funny which makes it a super fast read! I finished it in a few hours and was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it!! I am not too interested in lives of Bollywood stars and yet this was enjoyable because “The Perils of Being Moderately Famous” doesn’t stuff your brain with glitz and glamour but shows a very normal side of the stuff. As expected, majority of it is about Soha herself, her life, her choices – the good and the bad , her career, achievements – known and unknown, feelings and advice right up to being a mommy!! 😛
It was nice knowing her and I am glad I picked it up!! Seems like she is one of those beauty with brains who could be friends with anyone! It was also fun knowing little tid-bits about the others.. 😀
Recommended if you like anything Bollywood or even remotely interested in the life of Bollywood stars or you are someone just lost and want to know how it feels like to be moderate amongst the brilliants! Or just because this review intrigued you enough to go grab a copy!! 😉

Rating: four-stars

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