“The Fill-In Boyfriend” – Book Review

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Author: Kasie West

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance

Number of Pages: 346 pages

Little Miss Perfect, Gia Montgomery is crushed when her boyfriend of two months, Bradley leaves her stranded in the parking lot right before entering prom. She has been waiting for this day to present Bradley to her friends so that they would finally stop questioning her boyfriend’s existence. Now she has a reputation to save and so Gia picks the first guy she sees around and convinces him to fill-in for her boyfriend, on condition that she would be her fake-date for once when required.

Gia doesn’t do repeats and is too cool to get attached to someone.. or at least that’s what she thought! Things get frisky when thoughts of fill-in Bradley doesn’t seem to leave her alone. Oh and yes.. she let him go that day without even knowing his name. To make things worse, Fill-in Bradley’s sister seems to hate her. She thinks she just wants to know his name..just for closure.. but is that really all she needs?

One thing leads to another and Gia is stuck in a chaos and guess who is the only one who she can get any help from? The fill-in guy’s sister!

I think plot of the book was interesting and it promised a fast read. I was actually surprised to see that the story was well executed. However, the characters are a different ball game all together. Instead of feeling bad for Gia, I felt annoyed at her in the first few pages but then we meet her friends and my annoyance shifted to them. Even then, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at how long Gia was dragging the lie, even to her best friends! The male lead and his sister were my favorite characters! They are two amazing kids! The cameo their parents made was also noteworthy! I love the entire family I suppose.. 😀

Just in case you are wondering why I do not mention the guy’s name.. that’s because it’ll spoil a perfectly good scene for you! I know how much it hurts when you get spoiled before reading a book! 😉


As the story progressed I started enjoying it more. The family angle (both the male and female leads) was something I hadn’t expected but the way it brought the story together was fantastic! High school friendships are complicated and chaotic but amidst the chaos you find out who will truly be there for you. The relationship between Fill-in Bradley and his sister just melted my heart. Thank You Kasie West, for creating these siblings!

I picked this book solely because I wanted to read something light and cliche, something that I could fly through and the book didn’t disappoint in this respect. The only book by Kasie West that I had read before was “By Your Side”. I found that book okay but I sure had discovered an author to turn to when you need a light and cliche romance! So I kind of knew what to expect. A huge silly grin on my face by the end of it!

Even though it wasn’t the best of the literature, it made me so happy!! And one more thing I need to mention here was Gia’s character growth, from the snobbish Miss Perfect to a mature grown-up, prefect in her own right.


Recommended if you are looking for something you can finish in a few hours, may be even in a single sitting. Perfect for read-a-thons!


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