“Being Charlie” Movie Review

“Being Charlie” Movie Review

It is no secret that I loved “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda” to the core and in the wait for “Love, Simon” ended up watching this movie “Being Charlie” which starred Simon aka Nick Robinson! This was not a box office success but I found out that after watching the movie and it still has me wondering why because I actually thought it was a good movie. I narrated the story to a friend who found it worth while as well.

And that my dear friends was my cue to writing this and dragging you to watching “Being Charlie”.

Year of Release: 2015

Director: Rob Reiner


  • Nick Robinson
  • Morgan Saylor
  • Devon Bostick
  • Susan Misner
  • Ricardo Chavira
  • Common
  • Cary Elwes

“Being Charlie” is coming of age story in which the main character is a teenage drug addict. He gets released from a rehab on his 18th birthday. Been sober there for 6 months and he feels like that was the worst thing to happen to him. He hates his forced sobriety in the cage and gets back to his old ways as soon as he is out. Coming back home to his parents with his friend Adam, he finds another intervention waiting for him. Charlie’s father is running for Governor and can’t take any chances by keeping his bad boy son out in the open! Going against Charlie’s mother’s withes he forces him to go back to another rehabilitation center.

What follows is his internal conflict and rebellious behavior until he meets Eva, a girl in the rehab. This forces him to stay back and complete his term. He falls in love with Eva and she becomes her new addiction. Charlie is recovering, finding pleasures and happiness away form drugs… but will that be for long? Is it a happily ever after? Or is it just the phase where the candle burns brighter just before extinguishing?

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Charlie’s character growth was unbelievable. When you get introduced to Charlie.. you feel he is beyond redemption but then you see he is just a lost boy who needs love. He is sick of life, emotional distance from his father, upscale life, falseness.. all of it feels like noise to him and he just wants a way out.. Later his complicated relationship with Eva brings out many shades in him.

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Nick Robinson was absolutely brilliant as Charlie. One more thing I have to mention is his short stint as a stand-up comedian. I’d love to see him doing more of that soon! Morgan Saylor was okay as well in portraying the troubled girl for whom the recovery is not that easy a process. The supporting actors were good too. Shout out to Susan Misner.. even in her limited screen timing her portrayal of a woman stuck in the middle of being the loving mother and the supportive wife is praiseworthy. She won my heart.

“Being Charlie” unveils the ugly face of drug addiction and what it can do. It is a vice but there are ways to deal with it. Not all humans are the same and so treating them all alike isn’t justified. Sometimes tough handling is not the way to getting them out of the mess.. sometimes all they need is love and acceptance. It feels like they are being pushed away even more and that more than anything else makes them unwilling to quit. Sometimes they are misunderstood and that leads them further down the rabbit hole.

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All said and done.. “Being Charlie” is definitely worth a watch!

If you have already watched the movie.. do leave a comment below about what you thought of it!


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