“Lux” by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Book Series Review

“Lux” by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Book Series Review

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Number of Books in Series: 5 full length novels + novellas

  • #1: Obsidian
  • #2: Onyx
  • #3: Opal
  • #4: Origin
  • #5: Opposition

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Aliens


Katy Schwartz has just moved to West Virginia with her mom and thinks life is destined to be super-boring.. except her lovely bookish life of course. Until, she happens to meet the hot alien next door.

Daemon Black.. Looming height, eerie-green eyes, gorgeous mop of hair and all the jaw-dropping goodness rolled in one. Katy is swept.. but moments later he opens his mouth and she finds out that Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy.

Daemon and his sister are Luxen who have other aliens called the Arum after them.. to steal their amazing abilities. But family to him means business and no one touches them. As the story proceeds Katy inevitably gets entangled in the battle and Katy eventually comes to know of Daemon’s identical twin Dawson and the story sets rolling!

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My Review:

Book blogger female character. Drop dead gorgeous male. Inter-galactic battles. Say no  more.. COUNT ME IN!!! 😀

This series started off really well and as I met the characters, I fell in love with them! Book blogger girl who wears a T-shirt that says “My Blog is better than your Vlog“.. Girl.. we are pals! 😉 Her activities were so relatable that I could visualise Katy easily.

Regarding Daemon, I had already heard comparisons with my love Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. This had me anxious both in a positive and negative way. Under no circumstance was I going to pass out on the opportunity of meeting some as sassy and gorgeous but then I was scared that this would turn into another love triangle with one girl stuck between two brothers and I am so glad that I was not disappointed.

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Inspite of the fact that Paranormal Romances do have a tendency of having the same plot, the Lux Series manages to carve out some uniqueness and manages to avoid most YA cliches and tropes. Initially it does feel like any other YA Paranormal Romance but then you keep reading because the writing is so good. Thanks to the sass King Daemon Black who keeps things interesting no matter what!

Good god that the first book “Obsidian” is un-put-downable as the real story takes shape and gains momentum by the end of it. The next two books “Onyx” and “Opal” carries the story wonderfully and the romance is fiery. By this time the action is in full force and the Arum, Luxen and humans have all put on their battle armour. “Origin” and “Opposition” show a mature side of romance between the couples and less of the monkey-lust seen in the previous books.

The prequel “Shadows” gives a history of Dawson and his girlfriend Bethany, which was equally intriguing and insightful.

Romance. Friendships. Drama. Action. Adventure. Mush. Grins. Tears.

Jennifer L. Armentrout kept me on my tows with the unprecedented twist and turns. That woman has no mercy. *grins ear to ear and wails alternately*

All in all, the Lux series was an amazing read and I am definitely going to try Jennifer L. Armentrout’s other books including the “Oblivion” novellas which are from Daemon’s perspective. I couldn’t wait to write this review as I needed to tell you that these amazing books exist and you should start reading them right now and if you are a Damon Salvatore lover like me.. I suggest you should already get set to getting your own copies!!! What even!



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