Not Too Good At Goodbyes!

Not Too Good At Goodbyes!

While it seems like a perfect winter morning and all of us are in the holiday spirit with Christmas round the corner, there is that little monster which creeps up and destroys the fun. Oh! we certainly have that moment when we are hopeless as we realize our plans for the year are mostly unfinished, dreams unrealized and hopes undone.

“I see 2018! Where did my 2017 go? This can’t be happenning!! I thought we just got started!!”

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That is when I certainly hope the year was a little longer.. so that I could finish some of my unfinished business!

But alas..Time doesn’t seem interested in making that sweet deal where it gets to linger and we get a small chance of getting something finished.. or started at the very least! And that.. my dear friend.. makes us too reluctant to let go of this year.

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I believe this would be a great time to recollect the year and make a list of the positive things that we did and the small things that made a big difference to our lives. After the end it is the small things that matter the most. Amidst the ceaseless swings between happiness and hopelessness there will be moments to be thankful, to see through things that show us a new beginning in the form of a new year.

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Maybe then we’ll be good at this goodbye.. 🙂

Let me know in the comments below how good or bad you are at bidding goodbye to the year!!


p.s: I love the song “Too Good at Goodbyes” by Sam Smith.. Maybe that convinced me a bit too! 😉


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