Karna’s Celestial Armor Book Review

Karna’s Celestial Armor Book Review

~~I was given a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review~~

Rating: 3-5-star

Karna’s Celestial Armor by Surendra Nath is a tale of the quest for Karna’s armor that had been taken away by Lord Indra, which ultimately led to his demise. However, the lord could not enter Heaven with the mortal remains and thus had to hide it somewhere on earth.

Five thousand years has passed since then and Vasu Sen, an ardent disciple of Karna has taken up the mammoth task of finding his Kavach-Kundal before it reaches the wrong hands. Vasu wants to find it first so that he may wipe terrorism off the face of the Earth. Guided by the great warrior himself, Vasu goes through this amazing journey full of mysteries and action.

This book taught me some mythological tid-bits which I didn’t know earlier and made for a quiet fulfilling read given that I am a huge fan of mythology related stuff. In fact that was the only reason I really picked this one up. The scenic descriptions were beautiful, taking me back to those places that I have already visited and taking me to those places that I have not through Vasu’s eyes.

I did have my fair share of issues with the book regarding the appearance of some characters and how some things felt too impossible to be true in the initial parts of the book but I still decided to carry on and that was a good call as it took a turn for a better read gradually! I’ll not point out anything and leave it up to the readers for what I found weird..just don’t stop and keep reading if you find any oddities! You’ll not regret it 🙂

Another thing that I really want to add as a note to the author is that this book deserves a cover change. People may pass out on the book just for the cover and miss out on a good book. The cover really does no justice to the content. A more alluring cover will draw more readers to this one!

Recommended if you love both Mythology and Crime-fiction!


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