Never Fade

Never Fade

Nothing could express my love..
Even when my eyes screamed and longed for you,
Trapped in a body that feels like a ghost,
Like a lifeless mass that I now loathe.

I try to embrace it fiercely,
And harshly fail..
To love the only piece of me,
That you ever loved..
It reminds me of you every time I look into a mirror,
And makes me shiver in tender terror..

Every embrace now feels like a snare,
Every whisper a disguised menace,
Every look from a stranger engulfs me whole..
In the most inappropriate manner.

I pretend you looking at me from the end of the aisle,
And through the mist I see you smile..
I’d walk over shards of glass
To reach you across a hundred miles.

Lying here on the cold bed,
All I ever wished was that you’d never fade..
I wrote your name on the bullet,
So you’d know that you were the last thing that went through my head…

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