Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

Wake up!! It is a new day..

But well oh well, It is Saturday!

The weekend is here

Time for fun and cheer!

Pick yourself up and something is there..

For you to indulge in without a care.

And then you are out and about

Only to feel wretched on Monday!

Life isn’t about the weekends

Or the days you don’t feel like it..

But the days when you pine for a break

And yet you give all it takes.

The days when it is a party for all

But you hustle, coz your dreams ain’t small..

Give up your weekend plans

They are just some days..

Days, to plough through

Days, when nothing is enough

Because you just can’t stop

You haven’t reached the top!

The top of the world,

The top of your potential.

Nothing yet seems surreal

Never stop..even when nothing feels real!

That’s how you’ll rise and shine

Even with the world around you looking oh-so bright..

It’s time, pull yourself up,

Put up a fight.


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